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Ideally both! But depending on what you want to acheive in life it will be different. For example, if you have always dreamed of being a model and dating gorgeous footballers and love attention from men the answer to this question is LOOKS. But if you want to be a scientist and like guys based on personality and prefer the quiet, peaceful life then it would be BRAINS. Warning: Remember always that beauty is only skin deep, and even your looks will fade.

== == Brain is far more important that beauty. As we all know beauty fades with time compare to brain that will last for so long. Even if you have beauty and you don't have a brain you're still useless; but if you have a brain even without beauty you can still do whatever you want.

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2009-08-17 15:45:26
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Q: Is beauty or brains more important?
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How do you start a debate about how beauty is more important than brains?

With a flawed premise.

Beauty or Brain in today's society which one is more important?

Media has warped people into thinking that beauty is more important than brains. However, it's important to remember that being smart will get you further in life.

Believe in beauty and brain both why?

Most important is brains....Then there is beauty that comes out of wisdom.

What is more important beauty or talent?

beauty is more important

What is most important physical beauty or brain?

BRAINS why would you think other wise?

How do you start a debate about how brains are more important than beauty?

All you need to start any debate is someone to debate with, who knows enough about the subject to make valid contributions and who is willing to argue the other side. If you mean in a debate class, you might start out just by stating what you think... that brains are much more important than beauty because brains help you understand concepts needed to have a successful career or whatever. And then other people can respond and say that they think that beauty is more important because people tend to hire beautiful people faster and pay them more... and there you go. You are in the middle of a debate. :)

Essays on it is better to have brains than beauty?

This is better to have brains because beauty doesn`t live with us till we die but brains..........

What does beauty and brains mean?

The beauty part means a pretty person and brains means a smart person

Does beauty weighs more than brain?

It really depends on the persons point of veiw, as for me I think that brains are more important, because they lead you to a better life. Others may think beauty is better, for it comes with more perks. ~answer gave by Amanda Steffey

Why are brains more better than beauty?

Because they last longer and they can be developed by training.As such,they represent more of an achievement than beautywhich is ,of course,only skin deep.Brains enable you to improve many different things e.g. point out that the word more is not necessary in this question. brains give you more in life the beauty, that obviously will not get you into colledge. you cannot become a doctor, surgon, marine biologist, or any of the great things in life with just beauty. Brains give you more to do with your life.

Why do people choose brains over beauty?

'cause peolpe who knows that what 've been unleashed by brains can't be understood by beauty designer!

Would you pick brains or beauty?

I'd pick brain..because nowadays in this cruel world brain is the most important thing that you need every time every moment..There's no use of beauty! Nowadays those people are making their mark who have brains!

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