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No. It is not a photo-ID; this would be things like a driver's license, 18+ card, university student card, passport, etc.

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Q: Is birth certificate valid form of id at casinos?
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Is a birth certificate a valid form of id?

It can be, depending upon the purpose. A birth certificate can be acceptable as proof of citizenship. A birth certificate is not proof of identity or residence, however.

What is the application form for the birth certificate?

under birth certificate form

Does the State of Hawaii have two different documents as birth records Certification of Live Birth and Certificate of Live Birth and what is the difference in the two?

In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth is a long form birth certificate. The Certification of Live Birth is the short form birth certificate. The long form contains more information than the short form. The Certification is computer generated utilizing the information from the long form birth certificate. It shows the date the long form was filed. If a Certificate of Live Birth (long form) does not exist, the state of Hawaii will issue a No Record Certification. A short form birth certificate from Hawaii is acceptable proof of birth and citizenship when applying for a US passport, but a short form birth certificate from California or Texas is not.

Do you need a certified copy of birth certificate to cross the Canadian border?

Yes. Either that or a passport IN ADDITION TO a valid form of identification (i.e. drivers license)

Why has Obama not shown his birth certificate?

During the 2008 presidential race, the Obama campaign released a shorter version of his birth certificate that was authorized by Hawaii. It is a valid, legal, state-certified birth certificate and is the only kind HI usually gives. On April 27, 2011, President Obama and the White House released the long-form version of his Hawaii birth certificate. The state usually does not release this version, but the president received a waiver after a request from his attorneys. The long-form birth certificate includes more information than the short form, including the name of the Honolulu hospital where Obama was born and the name of the attending physician.

Can a minor get a copy of their birth certificate?

You can get a birth certificate if you have enough evidence showing who you are. If you can bring a passport and another form of Identification that has your name and a picture then you should be able to receive your Birth Certificate with out problem

Change father on birth certificate?

To change the father's name on a birth certificate a form has to be obtained and filed with the County Recorders Office.

What form of i.d. do you need to get a us passport?

Birth Certificate

How do you get a valid ID without any form of identification including no birth certificate or SSN card?

You need to obtain both to be able to do much of anything--order a duplicate. If you have a passport, you are set.

Is your birth certificate proof of your identity?

No, a birth certificate is NOT a proof of your identity: it is basically a proof of where and when you were born. Normally, a birth certificate can be used as a second form of ID, as long as the other form of ID is a picture ID, such as a drivers license, state issued identification card, and/or passport.

What is the difference between a certifcate of live birth and a certificate of birth registration?

Certification of Live Birth" is a short-form birth certificate. The information included in the document may differ from state to state.

Is Obama' s purported long form birth certificate a fraud?

The answer can be found under the same question " Is Obama's Purported Long Form Birth Certificate a Fraud?" with capitals except in the word "a".

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