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Dance is both an art and a sport. The definition of a sport is: an activity with rules or customs engaged in competitively, so only competetive dance should be considered sport. Other forms of dance are considered performance art.

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dance is a sport and an art. It's almost exactly like gymnastics, which is considered a sport. Even though dance isn't in the Olympics it doesn't mean it isn't a sport! Some may say dance isn't a sport but they just assume dancers just flail around in patterns waving their arms but it's much, much more than that!

dance is a sport i would know cuz i am in dance. and i say it is a sport so you will have to deal with that

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Q: Is dance an art or a sport?
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What is dance a sport or art?

dance is an art... :)

Is dance the most exerting sport?

Dance is not really a sport . . . it is a performing art. The triathon may be the sport requiring the most exertion.

Is the art of dance a sport?

YES!!! DANCE IS A SPORT!!! you should see how many crunches and push ups we do. i just had dance practice, and boy i am SORE!!!

Is dancing not a sport?

Some dancing is a sport such as ice dancing. However most dance is an art form.

Is tap dance a sport?

* YES! If volleyball is a sport, DANCING is a sport! No matter which kind of dancing! * yes, tap dancing is defanitly a sport

Is there any kind of dance that is a sport what kind?

I think that all types of dance are sports. You can compete in all types of dance, and they get you as sweaty as playing a basketball game if you work hard enough! Dance is a sport and an art. Just because it isn't in the Olympics doesn't mean it's not a sport!

Is a dance a sport?

Dance may be considered both a performing art and a sport. But only competitive dance (as with the similar form of gymnastics) might be considered an actual sport. For example, figure skating is a sport which is essentially athletic dancing. Dance shares attributes with traditional sports, such as physical development, coordination, practicing, and defined rules.

If ballet is a dance and dance is a sport does that mean ballet is a sport?

Although people may think of ballet as a sport, surprisingly and technically dance is a performing art, not a sport. However, dance as well as specifically ballet requires energy, you also have to make it look easy and flawless, which makes it harder than all sports. This is because dance and ballet is not done to win but to become stronger and entertain. Those who compete might be able to say it's a sport, however this isn't the primary idea of ballet. Ballet is generally known as an art form because of it's beauty and style, this is the same with many other styles of dance.

Would dance be considered a sport?

Dance is a sport. The amount of time and effort put into dance could be the same time and effort a student uses to learn biking, basketball, or other kinds of sports. The result at the end is a form of art though.

Is dancing a kind of sport?

Some people consider dancing to be a sport as it can be done competitively. However other people do not believe it is a sport as the scoring is done by subjective judging rather than scoring points as in more conventional sports.

Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Yes dance is a sport ballroom dance is a type of dance so yes it is a sport