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no he died in in 2007

He is still alive he is not dead yet.

The noted cell-phone inventor is still alive on this day of March 17,2011.

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Not helpful I read this in 2024.
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no one knows in less your his friend.......

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Martin Cooper is Still Alive !

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Q: Is martin cooper dead
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Is martin cooper dead right know?

yes he is dead

Is martin Cooper the inventor dead?

As of this writing, no, Martin Cooper is not dead. He is in his late 80s.

How did martin cooper invented cellphone?

because but then he dead.

Is doctor martin cooper dead?

no dont be silly

How rich is Martin cooper?

martin cooper is 61,00020 in his bank martin cooper has 61,002010 in his bang

When was Martin cooper born?

martin cooper was born in 1928

Where was Dr Martin Cooper from?

Martin Cooper is from Chicago, Illinois.

Was Martin cooper poor or rich?

Martin Cooper was rich

Are there books about Martin cooper?

"Everything Is Wrong": Q&A with Martin Cooper

What is the death date of Inventor Martin Cooper?

martin cooper is living

What are the names of Martin Cooper's kids?

his daughters name is fiona capula cooper and his sons name is jonack bermula cooper

When was Martin Cooper - artist - born?

Martin Cooper - artist - was born in 1958.