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Stained glass is translucent.

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Q: Is stained glass opaque translucent or transparent?
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Is forsted glass a transparent translucent or opaque?


Is glass transparent translucent or opaque?

It can be each but not all three (or even both) at the same time. Window glass is transparent, bathroom glass is translucent and volcanic glass is opaque.

Is a magnifying glass a translucent object?

is a lampshade a transparent or translucent, opaque

Is measuring glass transparent or translucent or opaque?

someone answer this for me

Is toughened glass transparent translucent or opaque?

Toughened glass is transparent. It is translucent if frosted. To be opaque, it would need to be covered with something that won't let light through.

Is stained glass opaque or translucent?

it is translucent because it lets the light shine through

Give two examples of opaque transparent translucent?

Opaque: wood, metal Transparent: water, glass Translucent: thin cloth, grocery bag

Is stained glass translucent or transparent?

Stained glass is translucent because it let's some light come through but also absorbs and scatters light.

Is wood transparent opaque or translucent?

Wood is opaque because transparent is completely clear like glass, translucent is blurry but you can still see light coming through, and opaque is solid color.

Is a window translucent?

Window is transparent if made of glass it is opaque if made of wood

Is magnifying glass translucent or opaque?

A magnifying glass is transparent, totally clear.

Is frosted glass transparent or opaque?

Neither. It is translucent (it lets light through but not an image).

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