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it is Picasso Animation College and Studios

offering professional courses in animation and multimedia, digital animation, game design, VFX.

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Q: Picaso animation college
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Where did Pablo Picasso get his education?

he also went to high school and went for 1 year but that's all he did.Pablo Picasso only went to an art college for 1/4 of a year and then quit because he did not like it.So Pablo Picasso did not go to school for very long at all but he was a very smart artist and also his father taught him all that he knew about painting

Where does the word Kung Fu mean?

The rough translation is "skill so refined and perfected, it has become an artform." Take something as mundane as typing; if you can type 450 words per minute without a single mistake, and maintain that pace, then, you have turned typing into an art, you are Picaso with a keyboard. THAT, is "Kung Fu." The term "Kung Fu," even in China, has become widely used to refer to martial arts, although the traditional Chinese term is "Wushu." In the movies, when one character says to another "you have good Kung Fu," one character was saying to another "wow, you worked so hard, you are not merely just skillful; you sir are an ARTIST." However even Chinese audiences were ignorant of the concept of Kung Fu because, see, the idea of "perfection through effort" was restricted largely in philosophical and scholarly circles, and given China's history of oppression, tyranny and poverty, for generations the Chinese public was uneducated and ignorant until the cultural revolution.

Who are famous artists?

Pablo PicassoLeonardo Da VinciWassily KandinskyClaude MonetVincent Van GoghRafaelAny WarholSalvador DaliDonatelloSandro BotticelliMichelangeloTitianAlbrecht DurerEl GrecoHenri RousseauMary CassatHenri de Toulouse-LautrecGeorgia O'Keefe

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What were picaso's hobbies?

painting and drawing

Did picaso have a motorbike?

Yes - several.

How many mistresses did picaso have?

...a lot

Where pabo picaso born?

Malaga, Spain

What was the first cubist picture?

I believe it was a tree by picaso.

When did picaso create the artwork?

When he made his first finger painting.

When did Pablo Picaso paint 'Evening Flowers'?

It was painted in 1932.

Where did Picasso get his name from?

he went to a bar to have a drink ant then they cal him picaso

How do you help your guinea pig breed?

well you can force them or sometimes it just happens.i have one guinea pig named Picaso like Pablo Picaso and he is still a baby so he doesnt know how yet.

What picture is a mitochondrion?

if you try on picaso web album you really can find one...

Who was the artist that made the picture of a bull using a cigar and slow shutter photography?


What other artist made the same type of art picaso made?

Jordan & Sam