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bow and arrows and wild animals are the symbols for artemis

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Q: Symbol for Artemis
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Why is Artemis symbol a diamond?

Artemis symbol was not a diamond but actually the moon and her bow and arrow.

What is the symbol of Artemis?


What is the stock symbol for Artemis networks?

what is the stock Artemis Networks LLC

Was turquoise a symbol for Artemis?

Yes, turquoise was considered a symbol for Artemis in ancient Greek culture. Artemis was associated with the color turquoise, as it was believed to be a representation of her connection to nature and the sky. Turquoise was often used in jewelry and religious artifacts dedicated to Artemis.

What is the symbol for the greek God Artemis?

The symbol for the Greek goddess Artemis is the bow and pike. Artemis was the daughter of Zeus. She was the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon and protector of pregnant women, and the young.

Why was Artemis' symbol a stag?

Artemis's symbol was not a stag, it was a golden hind. There were only five Golden Hinds, a gift of Taygeta to Artemis; the most famous is the Cerynitian Hinds which Heracles borrowed unharmed for his Labor.

What does Artemis' symbol silver mean?

Artemis the goddess is associated with the moon, and the moon is a silver color.

What is Artemis's' symbol?

Artemis is symbolized by a wild stag, a bear, a falcon, her silver bow, her silver arrows, and the crescent moon.Her symbol is a silver bow and arrow.

What is a good product to use for Artemis the Greek goddess?

Mythological speaking, I would have to say a symbol of Artemis.

What symbol of a greek god is a cypress tree?


Is Artemis's golden stag a pet?

no it was jest a symbol

What is Artemis animal symbol?

The stag or the she-bear and a bee.