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Why does CT require a prep, and CAT scan does not.?Answer this question...

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Q: What's the difference between CT scan?
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What is the difference between a ct head scan and a ct sinus scan?

A head scan looks primarily at the brain and a sinus scan looks only at the sinuses in the face region.

Is there a difference between Ct and CAT scans?

No, there isn't a difference between CT and CAT scans. CT scan was the original name of the CAT scan. CT stood for Computed Tomography, and the name was made more accurate by adding the 'A', so CAT stood for 'Computed Axial Tomography'. CAT scan is just a more specific and accurate name for CT scan.

What is the Difference between ct scan and mri?

CT and MRI are both scan tests. CT scan however uses specialized x-ray machine. For MRI, the test takes 30-45 minutes using magnets and radio waves to capture images.

What difference value between K and Ct?

the same as the difference between ct and k

Is heart scan same as the CT scan?

Not they are not same.

What is biphasic ct scan?

indication of biphasic CT scan

What do you avoid after a CT scan?

There are no restrictions after a plain CT scan.

What is the difference between Ohms and Ohms CT in impedance of an audio transformer?

The difference in between Ohms and Ohms CT is that in Ohms CT it has CT at the end.

Can you smoke before a ct scan?

Can I smoke before ct scan

What are the companies that manufacture CT scan machines?

GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Dicom etc Dicom make CT? Whats' their website? Neusoft makes CT, it's a Chinese manufacturer.

What is the difference between a ct scan and a spiral ct scan?

No difference. CT machines used to take a single 'slice' at a time. Now they take a 'spiral' image whilst the patient moves through them and the 'slices' are created afterwards by the machine's software. When the multi-slice CT machines came along, people started referring to them as 'spiral CT' to differentiate from the older machines. All CTs these days are 'spiral'.

What is the HU value of infract ct ct scan of brain?

the value of infarct is between 15 to 25

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