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It gets on your hands and won't wash off unless oyu use a stain solvent depending on what kind of stain you use it can "hide" the grain, it can fade with time, it is oily and sometimes you have to wait for a couple days before you can put a finish over the wood, it is difficult to match in case someone wants to make a repair or add similar products and finally, if you aren't familiar with it, it can be difficult to apply without making streaks.

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Q: What are disadvantages of using wood stain?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wood stain?

it gets everywhere

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Wood stain?

it gets everywhere

How do you stain bare wood?

Prepare the wood to the finish you require using grades of sandpaper, then follow the instructions for applying the stain as printed on the packaging containing the stain.

What are the disadvantages of using iodine stain to slides?

one disadvantage of using iodine to stain cells is that iodine will kill living cells.

Can you stain wood if the wood is wet?

that's when its best to stain it, because it makes the stain soak in more and makes it last longer The type of stain you are using will determine what the moisture content of the wood needs to be. Some wood deck stains such as Ready Seal require the wood to be very dry.

What are the disadvantages of using wood?

breaks when wet

How do you apply a stain to sanded furniture?

Using a paint brush preferred for the type stain you have, apply stain always going with the grain of the wood.

Can you stain balua wood?

You can stain balsa wood.

What are the advantages of using wood stain?

it makes wood look better and some stains protect it a little

What are the Disadvantages of using beech wood?

breaks when wet

What does Stain do on wood?

Stain soaks into wood and changes the colour, or if clear stain, brings out the wood's natural colour..

What does a wood stain do to the wood underneath?

Wood stain is abosorbed into the wood, so the wood takes on the color of the stain. This is why the features of the wood are still visible, unlike with paint.

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