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Draw or make something, cook something if hungry

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Q: What are some creative things to do when your bored?
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What are some things things you can do when you are bored?

You can study grammar and spelling when you're bored.

Where can one find a list of things to do when bored?

A good place to start is by getting crafty if you're a creative person! If not, google some fun things to do online like play multiplayer games or watch some videos!

What are some good things to do when you are bored?

There are many things to do when your bored! Play outside, call some friends, play a game and do anything!

What are some creative things to do in a small town to cure boredom?

Use your imagination when wanting to do something in a some town so your not bored. You can try getting a dace party together or even a cookout.

What do teens do when they are bored?

do or make something creative for some people you love or STUDY STUDY STUDY

What are some interesting and fun things to do when bored?

There are a variety of fun things someone can do if they are bored. Some of these things are hanging out and talking to friends, watching TV, reading, listening to music.

What are some web show topics?

im making a webshow, too! so here is some things that i thought of...... -celeb talk -global warming -things to do when u are bored(be creative with this one) -funny lil' skits -outfit dos and donts

What are some ideas for things you can do when you are bored?

When we get bored, it is the time to do things which we find interesting. The interest may vary from person to person. SOme may find solcae in reading, some in watching TV and some in cooking. Depending upon individual, the activity to do after feeling bored will vary.

What are some creative things to make with cookie dough?

Some creative things to do with cooking dough is mold a heart or anything and cook it then see who won the best mold.

What are some things to do when you get bored?

What are some good ideas on stuff to do when youre bored?

There are many great ideas out there for people to do when they are bored. Some things to do when your bored is to take a walk, go swimming, read a book, or volunteer somewhere.

What are some creative things that you can decorate your Christmas tree with?

you can make cookies then paint them and decorate them with glitter its creative and cheaper!

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