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List the advantages of design diagrams. List the traditional design tools.

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Q: What are the advantages of drawing flowchart?
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How you can apply a loop in the flowchart?

Drawing an arrow.

Would you identify a problem in mechanical engineering and develop a program to solve it by drawing a flowchart writing a pseudo code that satisfies the flowchart and write the c code for the program?

I really don't understand you.....

Advantages of algorithm over flowchart?

what are the advantages of algorithm over flowchart algorithm is a step by step procedure of a particular program either in pure english programming language or in english programming style. while a flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm. why algorithm is better? the answer is very simple, as algorithm are concise and compact. it gives the basic idea behind the program. why flowchart is better? the answer to it is...being graphical it is easy to understand th methodology of program and can be reviewed as well as corrected easily.

Difference between macor flowchart and micro flowchart?

1. Macro flowchart shows less information whereas micro flowchart shows more information. 2. Macro flowchart is easy to design as comparative to micro flowchart. 3. Macro flowchart is difficult to study and understand as comparative to micro flowchart.

What is a program a person can use to make a flowchart?

One may use several programs to create a flowchart which include Word and Powerpoint. There is a difference between the two as Word is a word processing program which has in its portfolio drawing tools where as Powerpoint is primarily geared to those who wish to present slide presentations and also drawing and making charts. Both programs have some unique features which may help one to create the flowchart of their choice and one can view the comparisons and choose what programs is best for one's needs.

HhWhat is the advantages and disadvantages of flowchart?

a disadvantage=it may be difficult to plot accurately and interpret correctly.

What is the basic symbol in flowchart?

there is no basic symbol in flowchart

Define flowchart and draw flowchart for GCD of two numbers?

pictorial representation of a program is called a flowchart

What are the disadvantages and advantages of the Word drawing toolbar?

i do not know i was looking for this awnser

What will the beginners prefer to choose between flowchart and algorithm?


When should you use flowchart?

Use a flowchart when you want to visualize a process.

What is terminator on a process flowchart?

the circular square shape is the terminator of a flowchart