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the old cartoon network is better than the new one

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Q: What are the differences between old Cartoon Network and the new CN?
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Is bakugan new to Cartoon Network?


Will the Cartoon Network show Pokemon all week?

cartoon network shows new episodes of pokemon every saturday.

What comcast channel has bakugan new vestroia?

its on cartoon network

What is the new frequency of Cartoon Network chanel on nilesat?

There is no cartoon network hd frequency on nilesat.

Why did Cartoon Network cancel Mike Lu and Og?

Cartoon Network gave no reason "WHY". They simply decided not to go forward with new episodes after 2 seasons.

Why do people hate new Cartoon Network so much?

because they r trying to be grown up and now its full of perves

What network is the new Iron man cartoon coming to?

I think it is Nickelodeon.

Where can you wach pokemon?

New episodes of Pokemon air on Cartoon Network.

What channel is Cartoon Network for new york?

isn't it channel 32

Is bakugan new vistroia out yet?

it has!!!!!!its on cartoon network on Saturday mornings!

Will Cartoon Network make a new Garfield cartoon?

As of September 2014, that information is unknown. There is no reason to believe there will be one.

Now that Cartoon Network got rid of toonami are they still keeping naruto if so when are they going to start showing new episodes?

because cartoon network are stupid.