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Miller wrote many plays, but the two that he is most famous for is The Crucible(1953) and Death of a Salesman(1949).
The Crucible

Death of a Salesman
All my Sons and The Crucible.

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Q: What are two plays by Arthur Miller?
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What are two plays of Arthur Miller?

some of his sucessful play's were the cruciblie!

What are two plays from Arthur Miller?

All my sons and Death of a sells man

Two plays by author miller?

Some plays that Arthur Miller wrote are The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, All My Sons, and Death of a Salesman.

How many plays did Arthur Miller write?

Arthur wrote 24 Plays between his birth 1915 and his death 2005

How many books did Arthur Miller write?

Arthur Miller is well known for marrying Marilyn Monroe. Arthur wrote 12 books. Several of these books were made into plays.

How many children did Arthur Miller have?

Arthur Miller had two children: Rebecca Miller and Daniel Miller. He also had a son-in-law, Daniel Day-Lewis

What other famous play did Arthur miller write beside Death of a salesman?

Other famous plays by Arthur Miller are: All My Sons, The Crucible and A View from the Bridge

What university did arthur miller attend?

Arthur Miller attended the University of Michigan. He was a well known playwright. A couple of the plays he wrote were All My Sons and A View from the Bridge.

How is The Crucible by Arthur Miller different to all of arthur millers other plays?

cos hes too cool for school.

A play written by Arthur Miller?

Death of A Salesman is one his most famous plays.

What did Arthur miller see as his purpose in writing plays?

To clearly show the problems of society

What do all Arthur Miller dramas have in common?

There are two things they all have in common: 1) They are all by Arthur Miller and 2) They are all Dramas

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