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Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible.

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Arthur Miller

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Q: Who wrote The Crucible?
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Which American author wrote both The Crucible and Death of a Salesman?

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible and Death of a Salesman.

What was the name of the play he wrote that was an allegory about mccarthyism?

The Crucible

Who made the crucible?

Playwright Arthur Miller wrote it.

Who wrote the screenplay for the 1996 crucible?

Arthur Miller, based on his play.

Where did Arthur Miller acquire the material to write The Crucible?

He got lost on his way to new york and heard about the red Scare and wrote the crucible.

What did Arthur Miller find most interesting as he wrote The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

The tragic process

What are two other things that Arthur Miller wrote?

One thing that Arthur Miller wrote is the famous play called, "Death of a Salesman". Another play that he wrote was, "The Crucible".

What are two plays by Arthur Miller?

Miller wrote many plays, but the two that he is most famous for is The Crucible(1953) and Death of a Salesman(1949).The CrucibleDeath of a SalesmanAll my Sons and The Crucible.

What prompted aurthur miller to write The Crucible?

Miller wrote The Crucible in response to the McCarthy anti-Communist trials. Take a look at some information on them. There are many connections. Hope this helps! :)

What are three reasons Arthur Miller wrote the Crucible?

He waz crazyhe had nothin 2doi like peches

What are 3 reasons why miller wrote the crucible?

well, i know one reason was to question America's suspicions of Russia...

A view from the bridge?

'A View from the Bridge' is a play. It was written by Arthur Miller, the playwright who also wrote 'Death of a Salesman' and 'The Crucible.'

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