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Most Rap band use Auto tune, other than that, not as much

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Q: What bands DONT use auto tune?
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What songs did Lil Wayne not use auto tune?

La La by lil wayne no auto tune in that song

Do mindless behaviour use auto tune?

Yes, they use auto-tune. Their debut album features 11-tracks of auto-tuned robotic puppy love songs.

How can you get your voice autotuned?

You use Auto-Tune.

Is Ariana Grande auto tuned?

Ariana doesn't use auto tune .

Does Taylor swift use auto tune?!

Do beyonca use auto tune when she sing?

no she can not sing.

What distortion does t pain use?

auto tune

Who was the first person to use auto tune?

"Believe" Cher i think

What did Katy Perry use to create her Album?

Antares Auto-Tune

What key does t pain use his auto tune in?

C major

Does miley cyrus use auto tune?

no she uses itunes!!

Does Pitbull use auto tune?

Yes well... I mean sometimes