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Too small shoes.

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Q: What causes toenails to brown and fall off?
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What is rabid squirrel disease?

Your toenails fall off

Your toenails fall off and regrow is this normal?

Yes it is normal

What cause toenails to turn white and fall off?

Peanut butter

Does scarlet fever cause fingernails to fall off?

Beau's lines Any severe systemic illness that disrupts nail growth, Raynaud's disease, pemphigus, trauma. These lines can appear after having scarlet fever.

What causes toenails to die?

Trauma to the toenail can cause it to die off. An infection within the nail can also cause it to die off.

Do toenails Regrow?

Yes, no matter what the cause of the toenail to fall off, it will grow back within several months.

What is wrong when toenails turn black?

You've bruised or injured it in some way or it has died and needs to fall off.

Do people die from their toenails falling off?

It's not unusual for a toenail to fall off and grow back. If an infection is caught and not treated it may result in death.

Do dogs nails grow immediately after falling off?

A dogs toenails do not fall off. They need to be trimmed or they can be accidentally torn off. Yes, they will continue to grow all the time.

What causes toenails to start falling off?

Well, it depends really. It can be caused by, fungus, injury or infections.Fungus can cause certain things to happen to your toenail, for example, it could turn yellow, brown or white, it could become overgrown and thick and it could also begin to wear/crumble away and fall off. They always grow back. You can get special creams and liquids from your GP to help clear it up and become healthy again.If you like a lot of sports, then this could also be another reason why your toenails fall off (friction). It can bleed underneath the nail and eventually cause it to fall off. To help reduce the chances of that happening, you could:Wear fresh socks made of natural fibres (e.g cotton)Wear well fitted shoes so your toes have more room, and,Keep your toenails cut short and straight regularlyHope this helped :)

Why is your toenails falling off?

It's not.

How do you cure yellow toenails?

I'm pretty sure that brown toe nails means they're dead, so I would just let them fall off by themselves, or grow out (i've never had brown toe nails before, my dad did). In most cases, people get brown toe nails if they smash them in a door or something.