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I am assuming that the question is in regard to the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier in the United States Navy. The Yorktown was named to honor the critical 1781 victory of U.S. and French forces over the British Army under Lord Cornwallis during the American Revolution. The USS Yorktown was instrumental in helping halt the Japanese advance on Port Moresby at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Although this was a strategic victory in that it ended the Japanese invasion attempt, the USS Lexington was sunk and the Yorktown damaged, the Japanese lost one light carrier (IJN Shoho) and suffered heavy damage to another fleet carrier. The Yorktown was quickly repaired from this action and rushed into the critical Battle of Midway, in which her aircraft assisted in the destruction of four Japanese carriers...turning the tide of the Pacific War. The ship was crippled by air attacks from the Japanese carrier IJN Hiryu, and later finished-off by a Japanese submarine. A new carrier named Yorktown (Essex class) was commissioned during the war and served with distinction in many later campaigns and battles in the Pacific. This ship is still in existence as a an exhibit at Patriots Point, South Carolina.

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Q: What did Yorktown have to do with World War 2?
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Yes, it did.

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yes but txt books say no

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Yorktown was not a war. It was the last battle in the Revolution.

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Yes, the battle of Yorktown was the end of the Revolutionary war.

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No. The Battle of Yorktown was the defining battle of the American war for independence from Britain. The Yorktown Battle was part of the American Revolutionary War in 1781 and it was also a battle in the Civil war in 1862.

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The victory at Yorktown is one of the bat tels fought in the revolutionary war. The war that technically marked the end of the war even though there were smaller fights for 2 years until the treaty of Paris 1783

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Two Battles at Yorktown(American Revolutionary War)Battle/Siege of Yorktown- September 28, 1781- October 19, 1781(American Civil War)The Battle of Yorktown or Siege of Yorktown was fought from April 5th to May 4th 1862 as part of the Peninsula Campaign of the American Civil War.

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