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It means "to love thy neighbor".

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โˆ™ 2009-06-17 12:02:04
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Q: What do brass knuckle tattoos mean?
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Why does brass knuckle tattoos mean love thy neighbor?

It is not to be taken literally. Use your head for something more than video games.

What is the symbolism of a brass knuckles tattoo?

im not exactly sure, but what i have heard is this: brass knuckle tattoos are meant to remind us what we are capable of, but that we choose a different way. plus they look pretty badass, im thinking of getting a set

What do synyster gates knuckle tattoos say?


What is the symbolism behind words across the knuckles?

Knuckle tattoos do not have a specific symbolism behind them. They are meaningful to the person who has them. Typically speaking, the people who have knuckle tattoos have made a conscious decision to live outside of standard culture. For a good idea of what people have on their knuckles and why they got them take a look at the knuckle tattoo website listed below, which collects pictures of people's knuckle tattoos and the stories behind them.

What are the charges for possession of brass knuckle in Nevada?

Fine: 800$

Did anybody make a WW1 or World War 2 brass knuckle trench knife with detachable brass knuckles?

yes, brass knuckle trench knife made by L&FC (I think) in the US. Knuckle knife dated 1918. Although knuckle portion was removable, it generally was not taken apart. It was carried in a scabbard made for the knife. It is a collectable item...............

What do Lil Wayne's knuckle tattoos?

suw vu its something the bloods say

What does synyster gates knuckle tattoos say?

Synyster's knuckles say MARLBORO....

How do you measure your hands for a brass knuckle?

You look up the dimensions of small, medium, and large knuckle dusters, then decide if you have small, medium, or large hands.

How much does a brase nuckle belt cost?

I have no clue whatsoever what a brase nuckel belt is. Do you mean a Brass Knuckle Belt? If so, go to eBay as there are lots on there.

What tattoo artist did Synyster Gates' tattoos?

Synyster Gates only mentions a few tattoo artists that did his tattoos. Such as Grant Cobb, who did Syn's knuckle tattoo of MARLBORO.

What does brass knuckle tattoos mean?

Its a trendy bro thing along with grenades, nautical stars, swallows, and affliction shirts... Unless it's a love thy neighbor tattoo, those are safe, those are as old as time

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