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It depends on the design and symbol's you choose in the tattoo.

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Q: What does a Polynesian tattoo symbolize?
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What does the octopus symbolize in polynesian tattoo?

To grasp, or seek more knowledge

How does one get a Polynesian tattoo?

You need to go and find a Polynesian tattoo artist, which could be quite tricky to do. But once you have found one they will give you a really good and traditional Polynesian Tattoo.

What does a sea turtle tattoo symbolize in the Maori culture?

Fertility and long life or 'the navigator' in Polynesian culture. The turtle is not a symbol that features particularly in traditional Maori art, mythology or religion.

Where did the word tattoo originate?

It comes from the Polynesian word "Tatau".

What does a kingfisher tattoo symbolize?

It can symbolize a well practiced huntsman.

What does a dagger tattoo symbolize?

A dagger tattoo symbolizes death.

What does an orchid tattoo symbolize?

an orchid is a beautifull, exotic and rare flower that's what it symbolize but it can be what ever you wnat is your tattoo

What does a black swan tattoo symbolize?

A black swan tattoo can symbolize man different things. It could symbolize that the owner of it is peaceful and graceful. Swans are mainly known to symbolize grace.

What is the symbolic meaning of a manta ray in Polynesian tattoo culture?

I was told by the artist who did my tattoo, it stands for " Graceful Strength "

What does a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder symbolize?

There are an unlimited number of things that a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder could symbolize. It could symbolize peace for example.

What does a butterfly koi tattoo symbolize?

A butterfly koi tattoo can symbolize a great many things. A butterfly koi can symbolize faith, trust, hope, and love.

What does a purple dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

Purple is a color of royalty. Dragonflies symbolize good luck. A purple dragonfly tattoo is therefore a very good tattoo to have.

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