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Re tweet

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Q: What does the letters RT mean on Twitter?
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What rt mean on twitter?


What does rt mean in text talk?

RT mean "Re-tweet" It's for twitter

What is the RT in Twitter?


How do you put RT onyour twitter page?

"RT @-twitterusername- (copy/paste)"

'RT' on Facebook?

"RT" means real talk. Many times when people are talking they will say real talk as a sign for you to know that they are serious. Its just a new abbreviation that teens use. Another answer: On Twitter, "RT" means retweet. Retweet is when you post what someone else tweeted onto your twitter stream. Since sometimes people have their Twitter and Facebook accounts linked, RT on Facebook could mean the same thing.

How do you use RT in twitter?

i just copy the tweet, paste, then put 'RT' at the start of it and send.

What does TR mean in Twitter?

If you have got the letters in your question around the wrong way I can tell you. RT stands for 'Re Tweet.' You can put RT at the start of a tweet if you're saying something that has already been said by someone elseExample:Original Message:@markhoppus I love footballI would say:RT: @markhoppus I love football

What is 'RT' in Twitter?

RT is the short form of Re Tweet. With this feature,you can forward a tweet by any other person to your followers.Its like forwarding an email or a message. But RT is not an official Twitter command or feature instead of that direct Retweet button below the tweet is to be used for retweeting!!

How do you a retweet on Twitter by someone famous?

To do a retweet on Twitter by someone famous you can either use Twitter's in-built retweet function or type 'RT@username' where username is the famous person's username on Twitter and press 'tweet'.

What logo has blue stars forming a circle the letters rt?


What does the RT mean on a Dodge Charger RT?

Road / Track racing technology

What does RT mean in crochet?

In crochet and knitting, RT stands for right twist.