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His imagination, of course.

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Q: What gave Kandinsky ideas of what to paint?
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What did Kandinsky paint with?

mostly oil paint on canvas

Who inspired Kandinsky to paint?

his gerbil

When did Kandinsky paint softened construction?

no he did not

When did kandinsky paint the elephant?


Why did Wassail Kandinsky start to paint?

i don no

When did Kandinsky paint the picture 'Upward'?


What kind of paint did Vassily Kandinsky use?

The usual kind of oil paint.

What did Wassily Kandinsky do in his life?

Paint and teach art.

What art element was Kandinsky most interested in?


What year did Kandinsky paint On white II?


What does Kandinsky use to make his paintings?

Oil paint on canvas.

What was Wassily Kandinsky's technique?

Mostly oil paint on canvas.