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if it's on your belly, it will stretch and/or smear. If you get a tottoo it's a good idea to get it somewhere that's not going to stretch or it will look really bad even if you loose the weight

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2008-02-15 21:10:54
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Q: What happens to a tattoo when you get pregnant?
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What happens if you get a tattoo while you are pregnant?

It isn't safe to get a tattoo while pregnant due to risk of infection. It is illegal in the US for a professional tattoo artist to tattoo a pregnant woman due to these risks.

What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Getting a tattoo while pregnant can be very risky. The chemicals in the ink can affect your baby during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The chemicals can be dangerous to the fetus.

What if you got a tattoo and found out later that you are pregnant?

It is a proven scientific fact that receiving a tattoo will not get you pregnant..... however, if you are pregnant at the time you get a tattoo, it will not cause your baby harm...

Do it matter if i get a tattoo in a different place while I'm pregnant?

It would be a bad idea to get any tattoo while pregnant due to the risk of infection. Most tattoo artists will refuse to tattoo a pregnant woman for this very reason.

What about getting a tattoo on your ankle while your pregnant?

As far as I know, an artist will NOT tattoo you while you're pregnant OR nursing.

If you have a tattoo on your back does it stretch when you get pregnant?

EVERYTHING stretches when you get pregnant.

What happens to a pregnant girl if you get a tattoo?

Neither the fetus nor the mother will be directly injured by the needle or ink, but the stress of getting a tattoo during such a critical time can be harmful to the well-being of the fetus.

Are you able to get a tattoo while im pregnant?


Can an tattoo artiest tattoo while pregnant?

Tattoo artists can work while pregnant. It may become more difficult as she gets closer to term, but there is nothing about the job, if done properly, that would reasonable prohibit a tattoo artist from working.

Will color fade out of a new tattoo if you are pregnant?

mine did!

Im 8 months pregnant could i get a tattoo?


Is it safe to tattoo youre foot safe when pregnant?

No. There is risk for infection and there is a chance that the pregnancy hormones will cause your skin to react adversely to the ink.Plus most tattoo artist will not tattoo a pregnant woman anyways for insurance reasons.

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