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Political Culture

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Q: What holds the American democracy together?
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In democracy who holds sovereignty?

the people

Who holds the power in a democracy?

Santa and his Elves

How did people in the American democracy vote?

It depend on which American democracy you are referring to

When was The Disruption of American Democracy created?

The Disruption of American Democracy was created in 1948.

Who holds the political power in a democracy?

the people who vote

In a democracy who holds all of the power?

individual in the country of cos

When was American Islamic Forum for Democracy created?

American Islamic Forum for Democracy was created in 2003.

What country holds the most elections?

The US holds more elections than any other democracy.

What kind of glue holds the boards together?

Wood glue holds boards together.

Flexible structure that holds cells together?

The cell membrane holds a cell together.

What aspects of athenian democracy would not work in our democracy?

Athenian Democracy had the council of five hundred and American Democracy has a government.

What holds everything together the solar system the gravity the god?

well all say the gravity holds everything together but i don't know what holds everything together