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We played soccer (noun) at the soccer (adject) club.

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Q: What is a Sentence using soccer as a noun and adjective?
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How is the word soccer in the sentence The boy played soccer an adjective?

Soccer isn't an adjective, it's a noun. There are no adjectives in the sentence. 'Boy' and 'soccer' are nouns, and 'played' is the verb.

Is The boy kicked the soccer ball under the car an adjective?

No, it is a sentence that might contain an adjective. But the noun soccer placed before the noun ball is not considered an adjective. It is a noun adjunct or attributive noun that does not modify the ball.

Sentence using adjective?

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. The following sentence is an example of a sentence using an adjective. The lazy dog slept all day. The word lazy is the adjective that describes dog.

Is soccer a noun or pronoun?

Soccer is a noun, as in the sportbut it can also be an adjective as in soccer ball

How can you use the word slight in a sentence used as an adjective?

just give a sentence using the word slight as an adjective, noun, and verb

What is the adjective In the sentence Which orange do you mean?

there is no adjective in this sentence, an adjective describes a noun

How do you use one as an adjective in a sentence?

When one is used before a noun, it is an adjective.Examples:This is one sentence with the adjective form.This is one example of using the word.

How do you write a sentence using two adjective preceding a noun?

It takes two to tango.

Is soccer ball a noun or is it an adjective and noun?

A check of five dictionaries and Wiktionary shows that the word 'soccer' is a noun only, not an adjective. (I don't know who decides these things.)When a noun is used to describe another noun, such as soccer ball or soccer field, it's called an attributive noun.

What is the adjective from the sentence shyly gave her the beautiful gift?

The adjective in that sentence is "beautiful". An adjective is used to desciribe a noun. The noun in the sentence is "gift".

Is retirement an noun?

There are two definitions of 'retirement.' One is a noun, and one is an adjective. So, basically it depends on how you are using it in a sentence.

What is the adjective and noun in the sentence They were curious about the future?

The noun: futureThe adjective: curious

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