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digital (higher res): more pixels making the same image = larger image and larger file size. Even if the picture is re-sized by software, the file size does not change unless it is cropped or compressed. Compression usually lowers resolution.

b&w film (higher res): more grains of black metallic silver in the same size image. This is primarily accomplished by using slower ISO rated film. Not to be confused with acutance (sharpness due to developer/development).

color film: same as b&w except bms is replaced by dye "spots".

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a low quality image is a low pixilated image which may be slightly blurred and not clearly visable. the difference is that the high quality image is more clearly visable than the low quality image.

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Q: What is difference between low resolution and high resolution photos?
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What is the best editor to create high resolution photos?

There are many great editors to create high resolution photos. The best editor to create high resolution photos with is called Photoshop by the company called Adobe.

Explain the difference between high resolution and low resolution pdf setting?

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What is the difference between high and HD quality on Hulu Plus?

HD is a higher quality of video resolution than just high resolution.

What is the highest resolution of Canon IXUS 80 IS?

The highest resolution of canon IXUS 80 IS is 8.0 megapixels. This resolution is obviously very high and this camera is very useful for taking good high quality photos.

What Is the difference between HD and Full HD recording?

720 lines of resolution is HD. 1080 lines of resolution is Full HD.

What is the maximum resolution for the HP LaserJet P2015?

The HP LaserJet P2015 is one of the highest quality printers on the market. It can print high resolution photos up to 1200 dpi resolution at a quick rate.

What is difference between the magnification and resolution?

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What is the pupuse of the Mars rover?

It must be capable of sending high resolution photos back to Earth.

How effective is HDR on apple iPhones?

The Apple Iphone high dynamic range photo enhancer effectively enables one to capture high resolution photos.

What is the difference between spatial resolution and spectral resolution?

The spatial resolution of a sensor can be defined as the area of ground imaged by one pixel. High spatial resolution means each pixel represents a small square of ground, so it is easy to identify tiny features in an image. Spectral resolution is the width of the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that a sensor will detect. High spectral resolution allows material identification through a characterization of its spectrum.

What is considered a high resolution camera?

Megapixels (MP )are used to measure the resolution of photos taken with digital cameras. Therefore, the higher number of megapixels of a camera corresponds with a higher quality photo resolution. Typically, a digital camera with 16MP or higher is considered to be a high resolution camera. For the higher-end and more professional digital SLR cameras, 20MP or higher is considered to be a very high resolution camera.

Can you store photos on floppy disks?

Yes. Many of the first digital cameras stored their photos on floppy disks. A floppy disk may not be able to store a very high resolution image, however.