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Long Congestion is when you have ahard time breathing and you may develop athsma or serious colds in the future

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Q: What is lung congestion?
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How long did Harry Truman have lung congestion?

From November 1972 until his death December 26

What has the author Richard Mills Pearce written?

Richard Mills Pearce has written: 'The increase of elastic tissue in the lung in chronic passive congestion' -- subject(s): Lungs, Congestion

What is the medical term for a fungus infection in the lung?

Pneumonia is a term for inflammation of the lung/s from various causes, with congestion caused by viral or bacterial infection.The congestion can also be caused by irritants.Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which can have various causes.

What treatment for lung congestion should be used?

You have to stuff poop in your mouth swallow then spit it out Gud Luck :D

When did William Lundigan die?

William Lundigan died on December 20, 1975, in Duarte, California, USA of lung and heart congestion.

Who killed president Truman?

He died due to lung congestion, heart irregularity, kidney blockages, failure of the digestive system, and old age.

Does Kabiven cause pulmonary congestion?

No, this product is not an active drug product. It is only sterile nutrition(amino acids, fat, sugar). With the exception of an onset of a heart attack due to an allergic reaction this is not likely. The fluid in the chest that is causing the pulmonary congestion is a result of heart or lung damage or an active drug product.

Can a diuretic cause lung congestion?

I am no doctor, but if you are dehydrated and there isn't enough fluid in your lungs to think the mucus (we all have it), you're gonna get congested. diuretics can remove TOO MUCH fluid from your body.

What is nutmeg liver?

Nutmeg liver is a medical condition (chronic passive congestion) which refers to the appearance of the sick person's liver. It may be related to heart disease, lung disease, and possibly cirrhosis.

Is a sore throat and bad cough a symptom of lung cancer?

Chest congestion, a sore throat and a bad cough could be related to lung cancer or just be the symptoms of a flu or head cold. If you are a smoker or have recently quit or are exposed to second hand smoke, then you should consult your doctor for further advice.

How do you use the word congestion in a sentence?

There was some congestion on the roads. A stuffy nose is also known as a congestion in your nasal cavities.

Would red spots inside palm of hand be linked to any heart or lung condition?

Possibly right ventricular heart failure. Seeing that this condition would back up blood coming from the liver causing liver congestion. Liver congestion then can cause palmar erythema or redness of the palms. The same can be said about malignant pulmonary hypertension.