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You have just given a string of names of different paints. It must be obvious what they are made from by the names.

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2013-08-17 11:49:01
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Q: What is oil base cement base water base paints?
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Can cement paints be used as a base for oil paints?

No, that is not their intended use.

Can i use acrylic paint over existing oil base paint?

The short answer is NO, water based paints do not adhere to oil base paints. However if you are willing to lightly sand the oil base paint, and apply an oil based primer, you can then use water based paint as a top coat.

Can you mix oil paints together?

you can mix oil paints with other oil paints, but not with water because oil and water repel eachother.

What is the diffence between oil paints and acrylic paints?

The basis and solvent of oil paints is oil and the basis and solvent of acrylic paints is water.

Can you paint latex paint over oil base paint?

No But you can put oil based over water based paints.

What type of material did Mary Cassatt use to do her work?

She used oil and water color base paints.

Should you use oil base paint or semi gloss water cleanup on kitchen cabinets?

Oil based paints will give the best results. They offer a smoother finish that will be tougher than water based paints.

Why does water not dissolve gloss paint?

Oil and water do not mix, gloss paints are oil based paints therefore water does not dilute (dissolve) them.

What is the solvent used in paints?

Paints use either some type of oil or plain water as their solvent. Paints using water don't produce the air pollution that paints using oil do.

Is paint dissolve in water?

There are two main types of paint in common use: water based and oil based. The water based paints contain various substances including latex that are dissolved or suspended in the water. Oil base paints contain resins dissolved or suspended in oil, typically linseed oil. So, not every paint uses water as a carrier.

Would oil base paints kill you?

Only if you drink it.

Are oil-base paints polar nonpolar or both?


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