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The average price for a studio apartment in Manhattan is about $1500. Depending on the area it can be as much as $10,000 for a single studio apartment.

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2010-04-13 21:22:26
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Q: What is the average monthly rent for rental apartments in Manhattan, NY?
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How much does an average apartment cost?

Depends on region and locale. Monthly rental prices can vary from a couple hundred to thousands per month ... it would be difficult, at best, to average out all apartments.

Does kankakee apartments have a calculator on there website to find out what the monthly cost will be?

Kankakee apartments are located in Illinois and have a website featuring their various apartments available. Although they do not have a calculator to figure out what monthly costs might be they do list the amount for each rental unit.

What is the average rental charged on Madrid apartments?

There are a wide range of apartments available in the city of Madrid. Although the prices for these apartments varies considerably, the average cost is approximately 600 to 800 euros per month.

Where can more information be found on Venice rental apartments?

One can find more information about Venice rental apartments by visiting the local housing agency to look at potential rental apartments. One could also find rental apartments by cruising around town.

Which companies offer apartments in New York City?

Hechtgroup offers a wide range of aparments in Manhattan and New York City. Metropolitan Property Group and Glenwood Rental Apartments are also good options.

What apartments have the second chance rental program in Atlanta Ga?

what apartments have the second chance rental program in atlanta ga?

What is the average monthly car rental price for a Ford Ka?

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What is the best way to find a section 8 housing rental?

Section 8 apartments are a type of housing for low-income families that fall under the 50 percent area median income. If eligible, applicants receive apartments and housing at a much cheaper monthly rental rate than the average person pays. To determine eligibility and locate Section 8 apartments in the local area, there are a few useful tools to assist in landing a Section 8 apartment.

What is the average cost for a Franklin square apartment?

Rental cost of Franklin Square apartments will vary depending on location. However, the general range is from about $750 to about $1500 for one-bedrooms apartments and approximately double that for 2-room apartments.

is the Harvestree Apartments based on income?

The Harvestree apartments does not base their rental price of apartments on income. They do not participate in subsidized housing.

Are rental apartments smaller than the typical home?

Yes, rental apartments are smaller than the typical home. Even three bedroom apartments are smaller than the typical three bedroom home.

What apartments have second chance rental programs in Maryland?

Toledo Plaza Apartments in Hyattsville MD.

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