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it depends on your really depends on your bathroom size and vanity size. can you specify the size?

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Q: What is the best size mirrow for a bathroom vanity 60 inches wide?
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What is the best size for a mirror in the bathroom?

The best size for a bathroom mirror depends on the size of the vanity or sink it is placed above. As a general guideline, the mirror should be roughly 70-80% the width of the vanity to create a balanced look. Additionally, consider the height of the occupants using the sink to ensure it is positioned at an appropriate height for all users.

What is the best bathroom vanity design?

There are many bathroom vanity designs. None of hte designs are the best. It will depend on your preference. You can find ideas at and

Where can one buy a bathroom vanity sink?

One can purchase bathroom vanity sinks from plumbing suppliers or home furniture stores. There are many online furniture stores where one can find a huge variety of bathroom vanity. is one of the best stores to buy bathroom vanity . It has a wide range of antique, traditional as well as modern vanity in affordable price.

Where can I buy a bathroom vanity for cheap?

Websites such as usually have tons of great deals on bathroom vanities. but if you want it to be precise, go to home depot is my best answer.

How to Find the Best Family Bathroom Vanity?

A nice vanity can make a bathroom appear composed, classy, and elegant. However, picking the right one could be quite the chore when you are shopping for a family bathroom vanity! Following these easy steps can help you pick the best bathroom vanity for you and your family. 1. Figure out exactly how much you can budget for your new vanity. There’s a huge range in vanity prices, and figuring out how much you’re willing and able to spend will save you the disappointment of picking one that is out of your price range. 2. By looking at the plumbing in your bathroom or talking to a professional plumber, determine what type of vanity your plumbing system can handle. It influences how many sinks the vanity can have, what type of faucet you need, and the ideal height of the vanity for easy installation. 3. Now that you have the price and plumbing figured out, it’s time to figure out style—what does your family need, and what will they need in the future? Take into account your kids’ ages, as well as any future kids you plan on having. If you have multiple school-aged children, a double-sink vanity could be a great investment for you. If you have small children, a bigger factor might be how easy the vanity is to clean up–no one wants to spend an hour a day cleaning their bathroom vanity. Keep in mind the number of drawers, amount of storage space underneath, and height of the mirror—they are all important factors when picking your bathroom vanity. 4. With a list of specifications and budget in hand, you can begin shopping. Try hardware stores, general merchandise stores, as well as online merchants. After narrowing it down to a few bathroom vanities, establish which one is the best deal. This includes taking into account the actual price of the vanity, any delivery cost, and installation cost. By taking into account all of these pricing factors, you can avoid an unpleasant surprise when you take out your wallet. Picking a bathroom vanity is easy once you know what to do–follow these steps and make your bathroom vanity shopping trip a breeze.

Which object made the best reflection?

A mirrow

What paint colors go well with chrome bathroom lights?

Chrome lights are definitly in upkeep with a modern bathroom. The best color matches are your natural greens and grays. The best accents are a bit of black and brown and a marble vanity.

How to Make the Perfect Bathroom Vanity?

When completing the work on your home, you cannot forget your bathroom vanity. Whether it’s for your own personal use or for visitors, the bathroom vanity says as much about you and your living space as a bedroom or kitchen. Make your entire house uniquely you by considering a few things while making the best bathroom vanity you can. 1. A Theme Is your house a quaint, ranch-style piece of real estate, or are you an inhabitant of a massive, manor-style habitat. Whatever your living situation is, you should match your bathroom vanity to fit the rest of the house. If the other rooms in your house have a more industrial, post-modern look while your bathroom vanity is along the lines of a country Western feel, you’re going to exude a general air of disorganization. Consider a general feel of your abode and communicate that through your bathroom vanity with similar furniture pieces and ornamentation—this will make your bathroom vanity more than just an area to inspect oneself, but more of an extension of your unique personality. 2. A Budget Probably the most important consideration to think about when remodeling your bathroom vanity, you’re going to have to set a budget to work within. You don’t want to set your expectations too high and end up disappointing yourself by not being able to afford pieces that fulfill your most decadent fantasies, so look into reasonably priced items that still coincide with the general look you’re going for. Making the perfect bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be astronomically expensive—setting a limit of how much you’re going to spend on this project will help you make decisions more quickly and have your perfect space come together right before your eyes. Taking a step back and looking at your project objectively will help you consider your numerous options and eventually find the best pieces to make your dream bathroom vanity a tangible reality. Remodeling any part of your home is going to be difficult—especially with regard to the bathroom vanity. By planning out both a general theme of your house and budget to work within, you’ll find that making the perfect bathroom vanity isn’t as difficult as most have come to believe.

What color of flooring goes best with a white bathroom vanity?

This depends largely on personal taste. It really comes down to what you like and want to show off. If you want to show of the vanity, then you should probably go with a dark color to contrast it.

Where should you put your ceiling heat lamp in the bathroom?

Anyplace but above the tub/shower. The best places would be about the commode or vanity. Center of the bathroom is another good location. In the place of the existing fan is the easiest. Use a combination fan heat lamp.

What is a standard height for vanity stools?

There isn't a standard height - it's really a range between 17 - 20 inches. Before buying, make sure to measure so you know what size that would work best for your height and vanity.

What is the best store in Seattle to find a contemporary or modern looking bath vanity.?

Contemporary bath vanity features can be purchased as a complete bathroom unit in one store as a convenience or broken down into parts depending on customer needs and tastes. Stores to look at in Seattle include Cabinetstogo and Lowe's.