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It's most often denoted as the "outside".

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Q: What is the exterior structure of a building called?
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What is the wooden structure built above and exterior door called?


What is the exterior of a building called?

It's most often denoted as the "outside".

What is DNA for the building of protein on a cytoplasmic structure called?

Dna for the building of protein on a cytoplasmic structure called ribosomes. RNA leaves the nucleus and carries out the instructions.

What is the floating building called?

Floating structure is usually called Shanty.

What is the location of an Exterior door?

An exterior door is a door that opens to the outside of the structure.

What type of rock was used to build the Empire State Building?

The exterior (outside) of the Empire State Buidling was built using Indiana limestone. The main structure or frame of the building was built using steel.

When designing a house what are the dimensions for standard exterior doorway?

Standard exterior door sizes are 36" and 32". However building code requires at least one egress door of 36" in a residential structure. What is the standard width for a screen door

What is the color of the Jefferson memorial?

The Jefferson Memorial is made of several different types of marble, so the color of the structure varies. The primary color of the building's exterior is white.

How tall is an exterior wall?

Exterior walls vary in height depending on the building design.

What is exterior?

The word exterior is defined as being on the outside of something. It is the outside area of a structure or surface.

What was the central stone building of a castle called?

The central building, often a cylindrical tower but sometimes quite an elaborate structure, is called a "keep" (in English).

When you see a building from the outside you see its?