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The line that separates the day and night is called the "TERMINATOR". it is a grey moving line

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Q: What is the line that separates day and night?
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What is the border around a map?

A line that separates two continents. Such as the international boundary line. that separates Mexico from the United States

When its day time in the US is it day time or night time in china?

Usually night.

Would you have to work day or night to be an architect?

you can work day or night as long as you do your job

What name is given to half circle that continues around the earth?

The Equator is the line that separates the earth into two hemispheres

What causes day and night in?

Day and night on Saturn is caused by the its rotation around the Sun. Much like the Earth, the Sun provides the day and night cycle for Saturn.

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What separates night from day?

Terminator is the twilight zone or "grey line" is a moving line that separates the day from night.The line around the Earth that separates the night side from the day side is called the "terminator".

What is a line that separates two places?

A line that separates two places is a boundary line.

What is the line between day and night called?

The line between day and night is called the terminator or twilight zone. It represents the boundary where sunlight transitions into darkness as the Earth rotates on its axis.

Where does day turn into night?

When viewed from space, the line separating day from night is called the "terminator".

What do you call the line that separates the parts of a fraction?

It is the solidus line that separates the numerator from the denominator in a fraction

What is the name of the line on a map which separates two countries?

The name of the line on a map that separates two countries is typically called a border or boundary.

What does the international date line have to do with time travel?

The International Date Line separates Day 1 from Day 2 across the globe. Thus, if you are crossing the Internationa Date Line, you may be a day ahead or behind of the place you have travelled from.

In a fraction what does the line represent?

The line separates the numerator and the denominator.

What is the definition of a terminator line?

The terminator is the [moving] line on earth where day turns into night (and conversely).

What town is it that half of the town is one day and the other half is another day?

It should be London, because it lies on the prime meridian (the line that separates the earth vertically).

What is the line that separates areas of the newsletter?

the name of that line is ruling lines

What is the line called that separates the sky from the ground in artwork?

The Horizon line