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As with all art, the value is both intrinsic and dependent on the 'ask' and 'bid.' Much of the art stated to be from the mid 1940s was, in fact, created in the 1950s to meet the demand of American buyers so It is best to check with a reputable art appraisal firm before offering to purchase expensive artwork. Some of the 1950s art is quite good, often better than earlier works that have limited subject matter. Again, the value depends on the purchaser's taste. Generally, though, the kind of art work normally found from these eras is worth between $5 and $75 depending on condition. There should be some wear and fragility, for the paintings are a half century old or older. Few of the silk painting artist went on to great reknown although there are exceptions. Unless you are able to read Japanese 'hanko,' or signature seals, it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the artist's name. Again, reputable art appraisal firms are an absolute necessity for the truly valuable paintings. Most silk paintings are NOT valuable although they can be quite beautiful and worthy of purchase. Ukiyo-e, woodblock prints from the 1930s to 1950s by Hasui Kawase, Koitsu Tsuchiya, Yoshida Toshi and a few others are, generally, much more valuable and intrinsically more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

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Many of the paintings are valued in price close to $50 each. The amount for each painting will depend upon the condition that it is in and how it is being displayed.

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Q: What is the value of a mid 40's Japanese silk painting?
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