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I have this homework and I'm not sure what it means: what media did Henry Moore use for his work?

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Q: What media did Henry Moore use for his work?
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What media does Henry Moore use?

bronze, watercolour, ink, blue pencil, wax resist.

What colors did Henry Moore use when making sculptures?

he used bronze

What materials did Henry Moore use when drawing a sheep?

Yes he did draw sheep

What materials did us Henry Moore use for his sculptures?

Henry Moore used bronze, stone, graphite, chalk, plaster, elmwood, honton stone, construction papre, super dough (self hardening) and white glue. I hope this helps!

What techniques did Henry Moore use in his artwork?

He used bronze, stone, graphite, chalk, watercolours, wax, blue pencil and ink.

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What materials did Henry Moore use for his sculptures?

"Nuclear Energy," is a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore. Richard commemorates the first sustained nuclear reaction, in 1941, in the squash courts under the west stands of Stagg Field. Stagg Field has been replaced by Regenstein Library. For more information: *