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"Synchronized swimming" is a phrase. The whole phrase together is used as a noun.

The word "synchronized" is an adjective.

The word "swimming" is, when used like this, a noun.

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Q: What part of speech is synchronized swimming?
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Is synchronized swimming a sport?

Yes, synchronized swimming is a sport.

Why are men reluctant to participate in synchronized swimming?

men are reluctant to take part in synchronized swimming because although they are strong, they generally lack the grace synchronized swimming needs. also men's effort are generally not professionally recognized and it is simply not the done thing

Were men in Synchronized swimming?

Yes, men compete in synchronized swimming to this day, but not many.

What are the aquatic events held at the commonwealth games?

swimming, synchronized swimming and synchronized diving. :)

What can be synchronized?

dancing, swimming, iceskating and watches can be synchronized

Why should you do synchronized swimming?

From Canada synchronized swimming, or water ballet as it was known in its early years, moved to the United States. The sport received its first big boost in 1934 when it was part of the World's Fair in Chicago. Shortly afterwards, the United States Amateur Athletic Union recognised the sport and national championships began. By 1948 synchronized swimming was a exhibition sport at the Olympics, but it was forced to serve an extended apprenticeship. After five appearances as a non-medal sport, synchronized swimming made its full Olympic debut at Los Angeles in 1984.

When was Synchronized Swimming - Bob's Burgers - created?

Synchronized Swimming - Bob's Burgers - was created on 2012-03-25.

When was FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy created?

FINA Synchronized Swimming World Trophy was created in 2006.

When was FINA Synchronized Swimming World Cup created?

FINA Synchronized Swimming World Cup was created in 1979.

What needs to be synchronized?

Things that can be synchronized are ipods, swimming, skating, and watches.

Was synchronized swimming at the first modern Olympics in 1896?

No, synchronized swimming debuted at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

What are terms for swimming that begin with the letter 'S'?

· synchronized swimming