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Q: What structure sends the signal to slow the heart rate?
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What sends impulses from the accelerator center to increase heart rate?


What structure is known as the pacemaker?

Pacemaker cells control the heart rate of the heart.

What creates heart rate?

Heart rate is simply the number of times that the heart beats per minute. This is generated by the "pacemaker" of the body which is the signal sent from the brain to the heart's sinoatrial (SA) node. This causes the initiation of contraction of the cardiac muscle which spreads across the heart to contract the atria and ventricles in a rhythmic fashion. The number of times this signal is sent from the brain to the heart gives the heart rate.

What is the primary brainstem structure that controls heart rate?

medulla oblongata

What brain structure controls heart rate and breathing?

The medulla oblongata which is in the lower half of the brain stem controls heart rate and breathing.

Group of cells receive messages about body's oxygen needs and sends out signals to adjust the heart rate?


Which structure of the heart establishes the basic rhythm and rate of the heartbeat?

sinoatrial node

What is the primary brain stem structure that controls the heart rate?

medulla oblongata!

Why the pulse rate which is measured from an artery provides a heart rate measurement?

The arteries in the body carry blood away from the heart. Each time the heart muscle contracts, it sends a rush of blood into the artery which causes pressure that can be felt by the fingers.

How do heart rate monitors function?

Heart rate monitors measure the electrical activity of the heart to get their readings. A strap around the chest receives the electrical readings, and sends it to a device, which can be to a special receiver, that also functions as a wristwatch, or to a mobile phone.

How does the heart do its job?

The heart is a muscle. The brain sends impulses to the heart along nerve fibres. These impulses are sent to nodes that line the heart, these nodes regulate the rate and rhythm of the heart as it contracts to pump blood to the body.

Normal heart rate for 44 year female?

The textbook value is 72, at rest. The most important factor affecting your heart rate is your physical condition. Athletes can easily have a heart rate of 55 at rest, and the better your physical condition, the slower your heart rate tends to increase. Heart rate over 90 may signal an underlying cardiologic condition, so if this is the case, see a physician.

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