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Q: What type of engineers design mostly buildings?
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Which type of engineer designs mostly buildings?

civil engineers -apex

What type of engineers design bridges?

Civil engineers and Structural engineers.

What type of engineers work with cars?

Car engineers, design engineers, tire safety engineers; anyone that would be involved in the design, assembly, safety, or testing of cars.

Which type of engineer design mostly building civil engineer chemical engineer aerospace engineer and mechanical engineer?

Civil Engineer designs building. Basically, they are dealing with designs, planning, constructions and maintenance of roads, dams, bridges, buildings and canals. Civil Engineers need to play several roles such as structural engineers, site engineer, environmental engineers etc.

Scientists design drugs alongside which type of engineers?


What is the meaning of the job of an engineer?

Depends on the type of engineer. Originally, it meant one who cared for, and operated engines- like a railroad locomotive. While it still means that, there are other types of engineers. Civil engineers design roads, bridges, dams, and large buildings. Electrical engineers design electrical distribution and supply systems. Chemical engineers design chemical manufacturing processes. Military engineers may build bridges, destroy bridges, place or clear minefields, build obstacles, etc.

What type of engineer builds treehouses?

The type of engineer that builds bridges is called a structural engineer. A structural engineer typically builds bridges and other large buildings.

What type of products did Frank Lloyd Wright design?


What type of work do electrical engineers do?

The type of work electrical engineers do is work on computers, cell phones, robots, radars, navigation systems. They also work on wiring and lighting in buildings and other kinds of electrical systems. They also design and develop new electrical equipment, solve problems and test equipment.

What type of people build the great pyramids in Egypt?

From workers to architects and engineers like modern buildings.

What is the responsibility of Industrial engineers in Indutries?

To design the manufacturing structure of the company. They also design products using autocadd or other type of software.

Definition for electromechanical design?

A device or system that is designed to be electrically actuated, like a device actuated by a solenoid, is an electromechanical design. Electromechanical engineers create this type of design.

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