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Job for the job tapestry

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Q: What was Marc chagall's last painting?
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When was Marc Chagalls White Crucifixion painted?

Marc Chagall's painting White Crucifixion dates from 1938, and it is held at the Art Institute of Chicago.

What were Marc Chagalls' parents' names?

His father was Khatskl (Zakhar) Shagal and his mother, Feige-Ite.

What was Marc Chagalls first piece of art?

Between 1906 and 1910 Chagall first had private instruction in painting and then visited two art schools in St Petersburg. What he painted during those years is not known today.

What can one say descriptively about marc chagalls painting of I and the village?

To the right a self-portrait balanced by the head of a farm animal to the left. The person is holding a branch of flowers and has a necklace with a cross although Chagall was Jewish. All over the picture are dreamlike details from his native village.

What is Marc Chagall's most famous painting?

his most famous painting is " I and the village"

Why did Franz Marc like painting animals?

Marc likes to paint to show harmony, they are peaceful

Franz Marc's most famous painting?

The Blue Horses.

3 three candles Painting by Marc chagall?


What is the last name of an artist named Marc who drew people upside-down?

My best guess is Marc Chagall, the Jewish Russian painter - I know of one painting of his that included an upside-down train, chuffing away.

Who inspired Franz Marc?

his family help him start painting. his love of painting started at the age of 11

How many painting did Marc chagall paint?

More than 1

What was the last painting Monet painted?

Monet's last painting was the Water Lilies. He finished painting it in 1926.

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