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it could be the ECM/ecu relay under the glove box.

my car had the same trouble you could check on the passenger's side kick board on the Right side there are two relay there that has to do with the fuel pump and ignition

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2009-11-06 21:48:06
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Q: What will cause this problem 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon its starts runs for a few minutes then theres this clicking sound coming from under the passenger side dash then the car dies?
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What could cause a 1992 Acura Legend not to start but make a clicking sound?

A clicking sound when trying to start a car is almost always a low battery. The solinoid which engages with the ring gear isn't getting enough voltage to move it's gear. This causes a fairly rapid and regular clicking sound something like 6 or so per second. Attach a battery charger for 15 minutes or so or get someone to give you a jump. Then consider what the problem with the battery may be before you get stranded.

My 2001 Mitsubishi galant will start if it has been sitting for many hours but if i am driving it for a while then turn car off and try to turn it back on within a few minutes it wont start?

its the starter it happened to me too i replaced and now its fine

Your car wont start but it makes a clicking sound?

In my experience if the car will not start and it is a rapid clicking sound when turning the ignition it indicates a dead battery. You'll need to get a jump and wait a few minutes before trying to turn the car on again. If the battery is really dead it will take up to 10 minutes to recharge. Each time you try to turn the car on while it is being recharged it will lose the charge it has obtained and you will have to start over in time for recharging it. If you think your battery should not be dead when it is, you may want to get your alternator checked by taking it into any auto parts store as this will drain your battery prematurely.

Pickup wont start Low power Clicking noise under dash What is wrong 99 Ford Ranger?

The most common reason for your 1999 Ford Ranger pickup truck not to start is a battery that needs to be charged. Charge the battery for a minimum of 15 minutes.

What does the clicking sound coming form under the seat when i try to start my land rover?

It sounds like the same thing I experienced....Battery is not holding a charge strong enough for starter to turn over and start the vehicle. Recently, my LR Disco II started great after sitting in the garage for about 2 weeks, I had to turn it off after running it about 2 minutes to run back inside the house. When I returned to start it 5 minutes later, all I got was clicking when I turned the key. I jumped the Disco with another vehicle and drove it to the dealership for maintenance. Dealer service manager said that that their battery analyzer indicated one of the cells in the battery was not holding a charge...ended up buying a new battery.

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What size are the door speakers in a 1996 Mitsubishi diamante?

I have 95 mitsu diamante 3.0 SOHC V6. It is hard to start when is cold. Sometimes after I shut it off and try to start it 30 minutes later. Once the car is running it works perfectly.

Why does pressure build up in top radiator hose to Mitsubishi diamante vrx 2002?

probably a bad thermostat. let car run for 10 minutes to see if the thermo opens and you should be able to sqeeze top hose easily.

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How do you reset the computer on a 2000 Mitsubishi galant?


How do you Shut off alarm 2004 Mitsubishi lancer?

unhook the battery for a few minutes.

How do you Reset the SRS Light In a 2005 Mitsubishi Endever?

disconnect negative of battery for 3 + minutes.

How do i add minutes to my Verizon Prepaid account?

You can add minutes to your prepaid account by visiting the Verizon website and clicking "Add Minutes." Link:

How do I reset a 2001 Mitsubishi radio so that I can enter the code?

just disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes

What causes a Mitsubishi Galant to idle rough for the first 10 minutes it is running and then run fine after that?

A clogged fuel filter can cause a Mitsubishi Galant to idle rough for the first 10 minutes it is running and then it runs fine after that. A fouled spark plug can also cause this issue.

How do you set the clock on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Haha, I was just struggling with this in my Mitsubishi Galant... If it's like mine you just have to *hold* the minutes or hours button and it will start progressing.Hope this'll help!

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What to do after Mitsubishi Diamante 1999 radio says off after 3 code errors?

I have a 98 diamanti and the chilton book says while entering the radio codes, you only have three chances to get it right. After that, it has to be taken to a dealer. If you have about an hour of free time all you have to do is turn your key to the acc position on ignition and leave the car for about 45 minutes this should reset radio again. do this while the car is not running.

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