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Hooking up the cables in reverse or low quality cables are two reasons that would cause them to melt.

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Q: What would cause jumper cables to melt when jump starting battery?
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Will a car with a dead battery start if jumper cables are on incorrectly?

if you put jumper cables on the wrong way you WILL kill the battery then if you leave them on you will cause the battery to overheat and swell then will u least expect it, it will blow up.. it will be a miniature hydrogen bomb

What can cause a truck to not start?

A dead battery is the most common cause for a truck not to start. Corroded battery cables is the second most common cause for a truck not to start.

How do you wire up and jump start a car?

You have a dead battery and need a jump start. There is the right way and the wrong way to accomplish a jump start safely.Because of the potentially severe hazards due to improper use of jumper cables it must be done correctly. Auto batteries contain Sulphuric Acid which can blind you, or at the very least burn your skin. Also auto batteries vent off Hydrogen Gas which is highly explosive even from the slightest spark. Because of this danger it is critical to attach the jumper cables in a precise sequence.1. Park the vehicle with the GOOD battery close to the vehicle with the BAD battery but do not let the vehicle touch each other. Make sure the cables are not routed so as to touch any moving parts, such as a fan blade.2. Attach the jumper cable Positive + terminal to the GOOD battery Positive + terminal.3. Attach the other end of the jumper cable Positive +terminal to the BAD battery Positive + terminal.4. Attach the Negative - jumper cable terminal to the GOOD battery Negative - terminal.5. Attach the last jumper cable Negative - terminal to a heavy metal ground part of the engine and NOT to the dead battery Negative - terminal. Reason being this last connection will cause a spark, and you do not want a spark next to the battery where it could ignite the Hydrogen.6. If the engine of the donor vehicle with the good battery was not left running, start the engine and let it run for 2-3 minutes to put a charge in the bad battery.7. Start the vehicle with the BAD battery and then remove the jumper cables from the batteries in the exact opposite order you installed them.As copied from my own blog:

What could be wrong if jumper cables were hooked up wrong car will start and drive but not accelerate?

No. It is highly dangerous and could cause an explosion and serious injury.

Why would a car just click when trying to start other than the cause of a bad battery?

A bad starter. A loose connection @ the terminal ends-the battery cables-the starter solonoid-IF IT has Rubber covers around the battery ends corrosion from battery acid could cause it.EVEN a bad ground on the engine from the battery 2 the frame.(battery cables) The battery cable ends could be corroded and should be cleaned. The next step would be to check the starter selenoid and then the starter.

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Will a car with a dead battery start if jumper cables are on incorrectly?

if you put jumper cables on the wrong way you WILL kill the battery then if you leave them on you will cause the battery to overheat and swell then will u least expect it, it will blow up.. it will be a miniature hydrogen bomb

What can cause car starting problems other than a bad or low battery?

try checking the battery cables

Can the battery cables stop your car from starting?

Yes, if the cables are damaged, excessively corroded, or not fastened correctly that can cause your car to not start.

Sears Tractor runs only with jumper cables attached to a good battery After disconnecting the cables the tractor engins within seconds It's a 17 Hp Kohler engin on a Sears 42 mower tractor?

If the tractor had a battery in it when you were jumping it, there is a chance that the battery is bad. Try unhooking the tractors battery and trying again. Hook your jumper cables to the battery cables themselves without being attached to the battery. If it runs then just replace the battery. A battery with a short in it will keep the mower from charging and could cause it to die. If there was no battery in the tractor when you were jumping it, then the tractor is not charging and will have to be diagnosed as to what the problem is.

What does loose battery cables cause?

Hard starting, corrosion at terminals, eventually cause a weak charge on the battery from cranking too much, will not start at all, can cause your carburetor to flood.

What happens wen you get eletricuted by a car battery?

You will not get electricuted by a car battery. It has only 12 volts and that will not cause you any harm. The sparks that come from connecting the battery or connnecting jumper cables are just electrical current being transferred.

Does rain affect jumper cables?

If you leave them out in it, yes. Moisture can cause them to corrode.

Can you use jumper cables to start your Audi?

If the problem is a weak battery and everything else is ok. Find the cause before you take a trip. if your alternator is not charging you will get stuck as soon as you stop the car.

If the battery is not connect right to the post can that cause it to explode?

If you reverse the battery cables, yes the battery can possibly explode.

When attempting to recharge a car battery what might cause the destruction of the good battery?

Reversing the cables when you connect them. Overcharging the battery.

Can corroded negative battery cables cause an 89 gmc to stall?


If the battery dies on a car and you give it a jump how long should you wait before you start it?

Jump Starting a "Dead" BatteryIt depends on several factors:How really "dead" the battery actually is. The more "charge" remaining in it, the less jump charge time.The Rpm of the engine in the vehicle from which you are "jumping." The higher the Rpm [within reasonable limits] the more current [Amps] output from the charging vehicle, and thus the faster the charge to the "dead" battery. All you need is a "high idle," NOT a "roaring" engine.The diameter [thickness] of the cables or wires used to connect the vehicles. Very thin, or lightweight, wires/cables, the more resistance to current flow, and thus the slower the charge. The heavier the jumper cables, the better the charge rate.In over 60 years, I have found that IF I try to start the "dead" battery vehicle after about 60 to 90 seconds it will usually start.IF it cranks very slow, and thus won't start, I will then allow the battery to charge for another 3 to 5 minutes before I again try to start it. This usually works IF the jumper cables have been hooked up correctly.CAUTION: Improperly connecting jumper cables can cause the battery to explode, throwing Sulphuric Acid all over everywhere, as well as "shrapnel" from the battery case. Very carefully read and follow all jumping instructions.These instructions are usually provided with the jumper cables, in the owner's manual for the vehicle, and usually on a decal or sticker on the battery and sometimes a decal in the engine compartment.

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