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Q: When painting a large painting do you do the background first?
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What is under painting?

It's first painting the whole painting (or the background) in a different color, only to make the top coat colors come out better.

What was Pablo Picassos educational background?

he was a poor man at first but made many painting and became rick as a king '

What is Picasso's first animal painting?

Picasso's art was always abstract so ofcourse there would be an animal painting but his mind was not focused on the animal because it would usually be in the background and not in the title.

What is the concept of commercial painting about?

The concept of commercial painting is about painting on a large or commercial scale. It involves the painting of large objects such as buildings or billboards.

What is the negative space in the painting?

The negative space in the painting is the space automatically creates from the sky in the background.

Which painting from leonardo's florentine period was the first to exhibit the use of sfumato?

It is the grand lady, 'Mona Lisa'. He used the technique in the background

Which is not a feature of abstract expressionism?

large scale painting

How did Grant Wood's painting American Gothic get its name?

The painting got its name from the arched window in the background, at the top of the house.

What is that painting with the blue man yellow background and red dot?


What is to be considered a large painting?

A large painting can depend on one's personal preference. The most common measurement for a large painting is about 16 by 20 inches, though it may vary among people.

What type of painting is typically used to cover large areas?

Spray painting

What painting had a UFO in the background?

There are quite a few that have some kind of craft in the background. There are also some ancient coins that have what looks to be alien craft.