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Asimple drawing its o.k. Thinh its good as a tattoo

There is no good, half angel half devil.

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Corbis, Getty Images, Yahoo Images... any search engine should provide you plenty of results.

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Q: Where can you find a good half angel half devil picture?
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What are two obtuse angles supplementary true or false?

no because there are 2 kinds of angels-devil angel-good angel

How do you use devil and angel in drama?

The devil represents evil. A typical devil's costume includes horns, a trident, and a tail. The color would be red. An angel represents good. A typical angel's costume would be white robes, a halo, wings, and a harp or a trumpet. The traditional costumes are not absolutely necessary...

Why was the devil made?

The devil was not "made." The Scriptural account is that the devil was originally created by God as one of His many good angels. A rebellion against God amongst the angels occurred - the leader of whom is the devil. The good angel was indeed made by God, but the devil (as he now is) was not made by God.

What is a good show name for a bay mare named Gem?

Poslihed Gem(stone) Devil in Bay Angel as a Gem

How is an angel and devil technique used in drama?

An angel and devil technique is used in drama to illustrate internal conflicts faced by a character. It involves two characters, one representing the good side (angel) and the other the bad side (devil) of a character's conscience, providing opposing advice or perspectives to the main character. This technique helps in depicting moral dilemmas and inner struggles in a visually engaging way.

Is gangster a part of the devil?

No gangsters are not a part of the devil. Gangsters are just people who think that they are cooler than others and act like hot shots. The devil is an angel that is named Lucifer. The bible tells us that He was a good angel once until he wanted to rule heaven and be like God. God then kicked him out of heaven and he became the devil who rules the earth but will never rule heaven.

Was the Devil a fallen angel from heaven?

Actually yes. The story is that God told him to a certain mission or order to do. The Devil did not do the God told him to do and had disobeyed God.So God banished the Devil and had sent him down into the underworld. To this day the Devil ruled the underworld and named is "HELL". People may call him the Devil, but he is also called" THE FALLEN ANGEL" Everyone i please beg you.Don't do bad. Do good, and when you die, there will be no place but home. A place where you really belong.

What are some good couple costume ideas for good vs evil?

well its a bit obvious! Angel and devil are good or if not then look on the internet for costume ideas or look in costume shops

If God can hear everything you think and say and do does that mean that the Devil can as well even though I think that God is more powerful than the Devil?

the devil can not hear your thoughts and everything you say because although he was once a good friend of god he betrayed god and he lost his wings as an angel and is nowhere near as powerful as god and that is way he is called the falling angel.

Where can you find a good picture of the Quebec Act?


Is the angel gabriel good or bad?

The angel Gabriel is a good angel.

How can you tell if you have a guardian angel?

Some attribute any unexpected good luck to their guardian angel, as they may also attribute evil to the devil. However, you can never actually tell if you have a guardian angel. It is a matter of faith only. It has been said in the bible that every human being has their own PERSONAL Guardian Angel !?