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Q: Where was the photo taken?
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What is the most fantastic panoramic photo you have taken?

No everyone will have taken a panorama photo.

Where in Afghanistan can you have a photo taken for a passport or a visa?

You can have your photo taken by a street photographer. Or you can have photos taken in Kandahar.

Any terms for the photo taken by christian?

Christian's photo

In a photograph showing Jupiter half in sunlight and have him shadow where was it taken?

I'm not entirely sure that I understand the question. If your question is "If a photo has Jupiter half in sunlight and half in shadow, will this allow you to calculate where the photo was taken?", then the answer is "Yes, but only if you know the exact TIME when the photo was taken." If the photo was taken by a spacecraft, then we can only calculate the line of position along which the photo was taken. Depending on the quality of the lens and the magnification used, the photo may have been taken from a position close to Jupiter or one farther away.

When was the photo taken for the nrl grandfinal trophy?

The photo to be featured on the NRL grandfinal trophy was taken in between 1946 and 1947

What actors and actresses appeared in Photo Taken - 2009?

The cast of Photo Taken - 2009 includes: Korken Alexander Michele Dawson

What is an air photo?

An air photo is an aerial photograph - a photograph taken from the air.

What is a candid photo?

It is an unposed photo often taken without the subject's permission.

What do you call a place where a photo is taken?

Photographs may be taken from any location. However, many people will visit a "photographers studio" for a portrait shot or a "photo booth" for a passport photo.

What is a place where photographs are taken called?

Photographs are taken in a lot of places, but often professional photos are taken in a photography studio.

What is the name of a photo taken from space?

One common term for such photos is a "satellite photograph" but this usually refers to photos of earth taken from satellites. There can be other terms depending on what or who is taking the photo and what the photo is of.

What photo is considered the reliable primary source?

photo taken at the time of occurred event