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Archiac Period

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Q: Which period or style of Greek sculpture represents the Greeks' first attempts at carving stone?
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Is it true that the one of the main differences between sculpture of the Greek Classical period and Roman sculpture is that the Greeks idealized the human form?

The Greeks did, but so too did the Romans who copied them.

What are some type art Greeks are known for?

Architecture, sculpture and painting.

What was the style of sculpture the Romans adopted from the Greek called?

the type of sculpture adopted from the greeks is called realistic. U R Welcome!

Roman sculpture is a copy of what art?

Much of Roman art was copied from the Greeks.

did the Greeks help Spain to colonize?

The Greeks provided no assistance to Spain's attempts to colonize the Americas, parts of Asia, or Africa.

What are the Greeks main form of art?

Greek art is mainly five forms: architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery and jewelry making.

Who did Michelangelo most admire?

Michelangelo admired the sculpture technique of the Ancient Greeks. While he was working in Rome, he would often spend time admiring and looking at a sculpture called "Laocoön and His Sons". He thought it was genial. If you pull up an image of this sculpture you'll see why, it really is marvelous.

How did the roman art change in the late empire from the realistic and idealistic traditions of the republic and earlyempire?

Roman sculpture did not change much in the later empire. The major changed occurred in the early empire, when it shifted to the realistic portraiture sculpture (busts) to idealised full body sculptures modelled on the Hellenistic sculpture of the Greeks.

What is the artist trying to portray about the ancient Greek culture in their sculpture?

Figures have strong diagonals and dramatic poses.

How did ancient Rome find out about art work?

Mostly from the Greeks, who influenced the Romans greatly in architecture and sculpture. The Etruscans were also an influence, but to a much lesser extent.

how did Romans sculpture differ from earlier G reek sculpture?

The Romans modelled their statues on those of the Greeks. Some statues were replicas of Greek originals. However, they often blended a variety of traditions The Romans liked to blend artistic traditions from Italy and the rest of the empire.

What was the first civilization to use marble?

The ancient Greeks were one of the first civilizations to extensively use marble in their architecture and sculpture. They utilized marble quarried from the islands of Paros and Naxos for iconic structures like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus.