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Q: Which type grass reduces erosion the most?
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What type of soil is best for controlling erosion on embankments?

Soil with some time of grass on it.

Why are grass courts the fastest type of tennis courts?

because it (the grass) reduces the friction between the ground and your shoes unlike clay courts.

Which type of erosion moves the most sediment on the earth's surface?

Glacier Erosion

What type of erosion is most likely to occur during a flood?

The type of erosion most likely to occur during a flood is known as fluvial erosion, which is caused by the force of flowing water. This type of erosion can lead to the removal and transportation of sediments, as well as the shaping of river channels and valleys.

What is the second most powerful grass type move?

The 2nd most powerful grass type move is Leaf Storm and the 1st is Frenzy Plant. Edit: Frenzy Plant has a 1 turn recharge (150 dmg, 5PP 90% Acc), and Leaf Storm reduces the users Spl Atk. (140 dmg, 5pp 90% Acc).

What type of erosion is the dominant type of earth?

Water erosion, such as fluvial erosion from rivers and streams, is the dominant type of erosion shaping the Earth's surface. This process involves the movement of sediments by flowing water and is responsible for carving out valleys and shaping landscapes.

What type of land suffers most from wind erosion?


What type of erosion happens most in west Texas Why?


What type of plant covers most of the savanna?


How many liters of water will watering the grass use?

It depends on the weather, the type of grass, and most importantly, how much grass.

What type of weather will probably cause the most erosion?

Intense and prolonged rainfall is the type of weather that will likely cause the most erosion. This is because heavy rain can lead to increased runoff, which can wash away soil and sediment, especially in areas with steep slopes or lacking vegetation for erosion control.

What type is best against mudkip?

The most effective type against Mudkip is the Grass type.