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One of her tattoo done Kat von D

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Q: Who did Lyn-Z Way's tattoo?
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Who is Gerards ways first girl friend?

His wife is named Lynz Way

What is lynz ways height?

I did research and closest i found is 6 feet.

Is lynz hot?

yes i am

Are lynz and brian dating?


How old is lynz from Mindless Self Indulgence?

lynz way was born in may 1976 so her age is thirty two (32).

Is Gerard Ways married?

Yes Gerard Way is indeed married to his beautiful wife LynZ.

When is lynz's birthday?

march 24 1998

How many ways can you rearrange the letters in tattoo?

We can rearrange the letters in tattoo 60 times.

What is lynz real name?

Lindsey Ann Ballato Way

Why does Gerard Way love Lynz Way?

Only he can really tell you that.

Which instrunment does lynz way play in mindless self indulgence?

The bass.

Do Gerard and Lynz have any children?

Yes they do lyn-z is pregnent at the moment the baby should be born any time soon