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Rebecca Sugar is the Creator of the series Steven Universe

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Q: Who invented Steven universe?
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Who created Steven Universe?

Rebecca Sugar created Steven Universe

Who directed Steven universe?

According to Wikia Steven Universe has many directors.

Is steven universe a good show?

yes. Steven Universe is a good show!

Who is the voice actor of Steven from Steven universe?

Zach Callison

What are the ratings and certificates for Steven Universe - 2013?

Steven Universe - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Is the lion in Steven Universe Steven's Mother?

Probably her companion animal.

What is fusion in Steven universe?

A fusion from Steven Universe is when two or more gems collide to make a stronger and bigger gem then what they were before.

What are the release dates for Steven Universe - 2013 Tiger Millionaire Steven's Lion 1-5?

Steven Universe - 2013 Tiger Millionaire Steven's Lion 1-5 was released on: USA: January 2014

Did Steven Universe and Connie kiss?

Connie was relived when steven turned back to human and she must like steven

What is Steven Universe's middle name?


Who invented the universe?

Answer 1- If your religion is Christian or Islam, God invented the universe. Answer 2- If you follow some other religion, whatever the Holy Book says invented the universe. Answer 3- The universe formed from the big bang explosion. Answer 4- There is no real answer to who invented the universe. Answer 5- If you believe in Chuck Norris, then he invented the universe

What is the name of the episode of Steven universe were Lars Sadie and Steven get stranded on the island?

Island Adventure