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Q: Who is famous and is from texas that starts with l?
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Something in Texas that starts with L?

· Lancaster is a city in Texas

A famous band that starts with an l?


A famous persons name that starts with L?

Lady gaga

Famous athletes last name starts with L?

Carl Lewis

Is Elexis Texas famous?

not as far as i know :L <3 xxx

Is there a scientist who starts with a l?

Louis Pasteur is a famous chemist and microbiologist. His name begins with the letter l.

What is the name of a famous artist or band that starts with the letter L?

Larry King

Who is a famous person whose name starts with L?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Who is a famous athlete whose last name starts with an L?

ray Lewis

Who is a famous person that has a names that starts with the letter L?

Ludwig Van Beethoven.

What place is a famous tourist city in Europe that starts with a L?

· London, England

Who was a famous African explorer during the gilded age starts with a l?

David Livingstone