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they were objects for creating heirs, and showing off wealth

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Q: Why are noblewomen from the middle ages important to history?
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During the Middle Ages noblewomen had?

During the middle ages noble women had no opportunity no learn how to read and write.

Why was gruel important to history in middle ages?

because it was

Why were middle ages important to American history?

Directly speaking, they weren't. With the exception of a brief Viking colony in what is now Canada, Europeans didn't explore and settle the Americas until long after the Middle Ages.

When were castles important?

castles were important in the middle ages mainly in 1066 and onwards

What is the period of history called between ancient and times modern times?

"Ancient history" is usually deemed to have ended with the fall of the Roman Empire. Since then we have had successively the Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance period, the Early Modern Era and the Napoleontic and Victorian era. That's just Western history, of course; countries like China and Japan have their own important historical periods.

Why was armor important for the Middle Ages?

itw as important because in the middle ages there was lots of war and violence

Identify the Middle Ages?

the middle ages European history are a period in which lasted for roughly a millennium.

Time in history also know the middle ages?

410 to 1400 is the middle ages also known as the "dark ages".

Which activity was most important in the middle ages?

Sex, murder, and farming are all equally important in the middle ages

What is the history of baking during the middle ages?

The history of baking in the middle ages started with mothers and daughters then became a profession with rules and a paycheck, in the middle ages Bakers could also be millers.Hope this helps anyone

Why is this era of European history is called middle ages?

it is in middle age

Why is the era of European history called the middle ages?

it is in middle age