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so we can go to mass

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Q: Why do you have cathedrals?
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How did the use of arches change cathedrals?

They allowed cathedrals to have more windows. They allowed cathedrals to become taller.

Why are cathedrals in France mostly in the north?

There are cathedrals in the south as well as in the north.

When was False Cathedrals created?

False Cathedrals was created on 2000-08-22.

When was Two Cathedrals created?

Two Cathedrals was created on 2001-05-16.

What do Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals have in common?

they both are cathedrals and their building structures are similiar

Why did the Gothic cathedrals include flying buttresses?

These cathedrals include flying buttresses to help spread out the weight of the vaults.

How can you use the word cathedrals in a sentence?

if you want to put the word cathedrals in a sentence, you would need to put it as an subject, such as "the cathedrals were lined up in a row, whilst the churches felt small compared the gargantuan cathedrals" and I've used the word cathedrals twice! Cathedrals are magnificent churches usually built on Gothic style. The most famous cathedral in the world which is a Paris's landmark along with the Eiffel Tower, is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Italy has great cathedrals as well.

What makes gothic cathedrals different than other cathedrals?

Well, Gothic Cathedrals are gay. They are all black. Nobody likes goths, all they do is loiter and look stupid. Wankers.

What function did cathedrals serve in middle ages?

Cathedrals were churches. eberything in them was symbolic even the rain gutters

What is the difference between gothic cathedrals and modern cathedrals?

roman is a cross with a top gothic has flying buttresses

What is the cathedral made out of?

Cathedrals certainly are beautiful. Most Cathedrals are made out of stone, and bricks of the age they were built. More modern cathedrals have metal instead of wood framing, to make the structure more stable.

What has the author Dennis Creffield written?

Dennis Creffield has written: 'Some thoughts on the problem of \\' 'French cathedrals' -- subject(s): Cathedrals in art, Exhibitions 'English cathedrals' -- subject(s): Exhibitions