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Q: Why do you think artists and architects were eager to embrace the idWhy do you think artists and architects were eager to embrace the ideas of the Scientific Revolutioneas of the Scientific Revolution?
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What artists draw buildings in their artwork?


Who were the artists and architects of the renaissance financially supported by?

the Medici family.

What are three types of artists in Sumer?

Metalworkers Architects and Sculptors

What are the similarities between scientific revolution and enlightenment?

One similarity between Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment is that they were both times of discovery. New styles of art came out and changed how artists painted. They both involved an application of humanistic attitudes.

How is humanism of the Renaissance reflected in its arts?

The Humanism of the Renaissances reflected in its art by influencing artists and architects to carry on classical traditions.

Why are artists and architects also mathematicians?

They are also mathematicians because you have to measure if your an Architect.

How is humanism reflected in renaissance art Explain with examples.?

The Humanism used their renaissance art to influencing artists. This also had architects carring on classical traditions.

Which of the following descriptions applies to the work of Greek artists and architects?

Reflected concern with form and order

Who were the people Filippo Brunelleschi inspired?

Bruelleschi served as an inspiration to architects and artists of the Renaissance, especially in Italy.

Who was in charge of the overall design of the Parthenon?

The Ecclesia oversaw the work of the architects and artists Phidias, Callicrates and Ictinas..

What describes the works of Greek artists and architects?

well so many things depending on culture religion and opinions

What were the jobs ancient Egypt had?

scribes, artisans, artists, architects, merchants, traders, soldiers, farmers and other peasants.